Thursday, December 28, 2017

650 Surfboards Donated to Children in South Africa

If there is one thing that is true about the surfing community, it is that they care about the Earth and its citizens. And a recent news story from Grind TV by Ryan Brower is just another example of how the surfing community in San Clemente, California is giving back. Two of the areas favorite surfers, the Gudauskas brothers, used their non-profit to collect surfboards to send to underprivileged children in South Africa.

Their non-profit is called the Positive Vibe Warriors and their goal is to raise funds for ocean education and youth water safety. According to their Facebook page, the Gudauskas brothers learned a love for the ocean by camping, beach combing, and surfing all the way from Northern California to the tip of Baja. Their experience marked their lives and they want to share that experience with others.

So in their recent campaign, they teamed up with South African surfers and several other organizations to get children off the street. They called for Californians to donate surfboards, wet suits, leashes, fins, and other surfing equipment. And the donations came in from professionals, surfboard shapers, surf shops, and amateur surfers.
The article shares some pretty astounding photographs from the Positive Vibe Warriors Instagram of all of the surfboards lined up next to each other. The brothers will head down to South Africa in January to distribute the boards. Look for the Positive Vibe Warriors on social media to stay connected to this inspiring story.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hot Quiksilver Apparel

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Surfboard

It is common knowledge that some things break down in a landfill while others don't. And old surfboards are definitely not on the top of the list of things that break down quickly and return to the earth. So what can you do with your old board if it's battered up or just not the one you want to use any more? With the help of a recent article from GrindTV, we give you 5 ways to repurpose your surfboard.
  1. Sell It: Okay this one may be obvious, but selling a used surfboard if it's still in good shape is a great way to keep it from going into a landfill. If you're looking to upgrade or just don't use it anymore, post it on the forum for used surfboards at
  2. Make a Smaller Board: Cynthia Replogle shares in the article from GrindTV that you can remove the hard shell of a battered surfboard and reshape the interior into a smaller board. Check out this video to find out how.
  3. Make Handplanes: You can also use the soft interior to make handplanes. Handplanes are a fun way for the whole family to enjoy the waves, basically just a high-tech way of body surfing.
  4. Create Art: Using your used surfboard to create a unique piece of art, you will be joining the ranks of many well-known artists and surfers who have done the same. 
  5. Create Furniture: You can get creative and make a bench or a chair out of your used surfboard. It will definitely be a topic of conversation when you have guests over.
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Different Styles for Surfboard Bags

When it comes to surfboard bags, people obviously want to think about all of the practical considerations. They need to make sure that the surfboard bags will stop the surfboards themselves from getting damaged. However, the style of a surfboard bag will still matter to a lot of people. 

People who love surfing will usually put some effort into making sure that they get surfboards and surfing apparel that will match their own personal sense of style. A board bag can absolutely reflect a surfing enthusiast's sense of style as well. 

It's common to find board bags that come in a charcoal gray color and in other neutral shades. Neutral shades are more or less always considered chic, and a lot of people might like the white and charcoal board bags that they can carry around with them. 

Plenty of these board bags will use black and blue in their design as well, of course. These are some of the most popular colors in design in general, and they will often make people think of the ocean.

Some of the other designs for surfboard bags will also tend to make surfing enthusiasts think of the ocean and the beach even more directly, and this is an effect that a lot of people will want. 

Other people will prefer board bags that use very dramatic patterns and bold colors, such as red and dark pink. There are striped board bags and board bags that use solid colors and blends. Most surfing enthusiasts should be able to find something appealing among most selections of board bags. 

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