Friday, November 24, 2017

Land Rover Recycles Materials from Cars into Surfboards

While Jaguar Land Rover isn't the first company to make surfboards out of non-traditional materials or in non-traditional ways, an exciting new article from media company PSFK shares that Jaguar Land Rover released "Waste to Wave" surfboards made from recycled materials. The recent article by Matt Vitone explains that Jaguar Land Rover has made a commitment to become a zero waste company. One way they are reaching that commitment is using waste materials from the car manufacturing process to make surfboards.

According to the article, the polyurethane from early vehicle design models is repurposed into surfboards and paddleboards with the help of SkunkWorks Surf Co. SkunkWorks, along with a number of other surfboard manufacturers, are striving to create surfboards that don't take such a toll on the environment.

Two main ways surfboards could improve their environmental footprint is through the manufacturing process and by being made by materials that won't just sit in a landfill for years and years when they are disposed. SkunkWorks is tackling this first problem by using existing material to create boards and addressing the second problem by reducing the amount of waste from the car industry that goes into landfills.

As for the design of the boards Vitone explains in the article the,
"Waste to Waves board has carbon fiber rails from the nose and a carbon strip from the tail for additional strength while allowing flex to push through high-intensity maneuvers. The surfboard recently debuted at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in London, a free-to-enter festival exploring the future of mobility."
Lucy Campbell used a Waste to Waves surfboard in the English Women's Open Surfing Championships and was proud to raise awareness for such a good cause by riding the board. It's definitely exciting that science, technology, and increased awareness are allowing for development in surfing equipment that helps the environment.

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