Thursday, October 5, 2017

What You Didn't Know About Hurley

Hurley is a brand most surfers know and love. And even those who aren't surfers but just enjoy being in and around the water are big fans of the brand too. But here are some things you may not know about Hurley, according to an article from their website.

The name Hurley comes from the founder, Bob Hurley, who was a surfboard shaper and visionary. He started Hurley in 1999, so the company is less than 20 years old. Before starting the Hurley brand, Bob Hurley became well-known as a board shaper at Huntington Beach. Hurley's goal was to create boards that were lighter, faster, and more flexible. He even created many boards for the 1978 World Champion surfer, Rabbit Bartholomew.

Hurley added apparel to his offerings when he used the same theories and passion for boards to boardshorts. Since then, Hurley has become an internationally recognized brand. As for Bob Hurley, he has a home in Hawaii and enjoys surfing day in and day out.

Nike bought Hurley in 2004, and the pairing has brought nothing but good things to the surf industry. In 2007, innovators at Hurley realized,
"they could apply the lightweight, stretchy, water-repellent fabric used by Nike swimmers in the 2004 Olympics to board shorts. After giving a few prototype pairs to Rob Machado, Yadin Nicol and a handful of others on the Hurley team and receiving rave reviews, it was clear they were onto something special."
It only makes since that a loved brand like Nike could add to the innovation and creativity of Hurley. For great deals on Hurley boardshorts and other Hurley apparel, contact us at today.

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