Thursday, October 26, 2017

Need Gift Ideas? Give Surfboard Leashes to Your Surfer Friends

When you go surfing, you may have an incredible time whether you are in the ocean alone or with others. Over time, you are likely to become friends with people who love surfing. This means that during holidays and birthdays, you may need some gift ideas. It is not realistic to gift a surfboard, but you can find several gifts that relate to surfing such as surfboard leashes.

Lots of Customization
It is possible to find leashes in all sorts of colors and styles. This is perfect for giving gifts because you can figure out your friends’ favorite brands, designs, and colors before buying leashes. Then, you will feel confident about the gift that you give because you know they will like the details.

Affordable Choice
Setting a budget for giving gifts to friends is a smart idea. Buying a wetsuit or surfboard is rather costly and your friends may not need either of these items because they own them already. Even if a friend does not usually use a leash, you can give them one for when they do use one. It is ideal to wear a leash when surfing in crowded areas or with friends to avoid safety risks.

Fitting Hobby
While you can learn about all the other hobbies that a certain friend enjoys, you cannot go wrong with giving them a gift that relates to something you both love. Also, it will be easier to keep it a surprise because you can ask questions about their preferences without being obvious.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Tips for Getting the Most Money from your Used Surfboards

If you have an old board that no longer suits you or is taking up storage space, you may want to consider selling it. When selling used surfboards, there can be quite a bit of difference between what is considered a lowball offer and top dollar. We know you want to get the most money possible, which is why we would like to offer you the following tips.

Make Repairs
To command a good price, your board will need to be in tip-top condition. This means you should get any nicks and dings professionally repaired to ensure your board is as watertight as possible. However, you’ll have to use some discretion when it comes to eliminating any cracks in the glass. Some cracks are merely eyesores that would cost a great deal of money to repair. As such, you will have to determine how likely you are to recoup that money if you do decide to have the crack fixed.

Looks are Important
The better your board looks, the more cash you can command from it. A few things you can do to improve the appearance of your surfboard include:
  • Sanding it to recreate that “fresh from the factory” look.
  • Adding a new, fresh coat of wax. Stripping the board is not recommended, as doing so will only emphasize any pressure you have on your deck.
  • Placing sponsor stickers on the rails and nose if you have them. This may seem kind of cheesy, but doing so will actually help your board sell faster and for more money.
Location Matters
Where you sell your used surfboard can affect its price almost as much as the condition. The law of supply and demand dictates that selling in a smaller surfing community where fewer boards are available will drive up the price. Selling to a reputable shop can also fetch you more cash, Buyers at these shops are less likely to haggle, and are also more likely to be looking for good quality rather than bargain equipment.

Selling that old surfboard can be a great way to afford that upgraded model you’ve had your eye on. To see a wide selection of new boards that could be just what you are looking for, please contact us.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

What You Didn't Know About Hurley

Hurley is a brand most surfers know and love. And even those who aren't surfers but just enjoy being in and around the water are big fans of the brand too. But here are some things you may not know about Hurley, according to an article from their website.

The name Hurley comes from the founder, Bob Hurley, who was a surfboard shaper and visionary. He started Hurley in 1999, so the company is less than 20 years old. Before starting the Hurley brand, Bob Hurley became well-known as a board shaper at Huntington Beach. Hurley's goal was to create boards that were lighter, faster, and more flexible. He even created many boards for the 1978 World Champion surfer, Rabbit Bartholomew.

Hurley added apparel to his offerings when he used the same theories and passion for boards to boardshorts. Since then, Hurley has become an internationally recognized brand. As for Bob Hurley, he has a home in Hawaii and enjoys surfing day in and day out.

Nike bought Hurley in 2004, and the pairing has brought nothing but good things to the surf industry. In 2007, innovators at Hurley realized,
"they could apply the lightweight, stretchy, water-repellent fabric used by Nike swimmers in the 2004 Olympics to board shorts. After giving a few prototype pairs to Rob Machado, Yadin Nicol and a handful of others on the Hurley team and receiving rave reviews, it was clear they were onto something special."
It only makes since that a loved brand like Nike could add to the innovation and creativity of Hurley. For great deals on Hurley boardshorts and other Hurley apparel, contact us at today.