Thursday, September 14, 2017

Plan Your Surfing Trip to Costa Rica Today

Costa Rica's beaches are totally gnarley dude and have been flocked to for their incomparable surf and far out waves for decades. Here at we have compiled a list of the top 5 beaches to visit in Costa Rica. These beaches are most popular among surfers, both visiting and local, and will give every adventurer the best chance of catching The Big One.

1. Cabo Matapalo
- Located in the southern region of Costa Rica, Cabo Matapalo is ideal for those visitors with varying range of surfing experience. While large swells and fierce waves roll in along the rocky bottom, the other side of the beach provides much smaller swell and lighter waves that roll sweetly on to shore. Experienced surfers will enjoy the tough waves and beginners can enjoy exploring the surf along the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

2. Playa Grande
- Playa Grande, also known as Grande Beach, is located in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica. Surfers all over the world have flocked to Playa Grande for years, and the neighboring town of Tamarindo hosts many surfing competitions. While experienced surfers are known to occupy this shore, it is also an ideal place for beginners or those looking to build their surfing skills. With breaks that are moderate and constant, Grande Beach has earned the reputation of being the premiere surfing destination in Costa Rica.

3. Playa Negra
- Playa Negra is known and hailed for it's natural sand beaches and is also located in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica. The only way to access the beach is on a little dirt road, so it is best to use a 4x4 vehicle to cross the rough terrain and small rivers. Although it is a bit difficult to get to, once you are there all the effort is worth it; with a fast and hollow reef break. This beach is also known for its right hand barrel waves making this one of the best spots for surfing all along the coast.

4. Nosara
- Guinos is a vast and spread out town that is home to many American retirees; making this a small extension of the U.S. and the most ideal location to enjoy the Nosara area. Guinos beach is often considered to be one of the best surfing locations for both beginner and advanced surfers. This destination is especially popular among American tourists as a majority of the inhabitants speak English Fluently.

5. Mal Pais
- Mal Pais is a surfing village that provides visitors with a quieter destination than more popular vacation spots. The beach provides both sand and rock bottom waters; allowing beginner and advanced surfers to enjoy the waves at this beach. While taking breaks from your time in the water, make sure to check out the lush green forest that surrounds the beach; but watch out for those tricky little monkeys!

No matter your style, one thing is clear; Costa Rica's beaches were meant to be surfed. But don't forget your surfboards man! Make sure to head to our website today or contact us for the best boards in the biz.

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