Thursday, August 24, 2017

Surf Tips For Beginners: 4 Mistakes Every New Surfer is Guilty of Committing

Learning to surf is an amazing experience. However, it does come with its ups and downs. While actual time spent in the water is the best way to hone your new craft, knowing the most common mistakes new surfers commit is also key to succeeding. The list provided below will help beginners avoid some of those missteps.

Not warming up
Warming up before heading into the water is essential to your body's well-being. Surfing is a physically demanding sport, and if you are not careful you can easily injure yourself. Stretching and going for a short jog before hitting the waves will get the blood in your body flowing and your joints lubricated and ready to withstand the physical requirements of surfing.

Don't look down
New surfers often end up looking down at their surfboard. Unfortunately, this can throw off your balance, and balance is a huge part of surfing. Keeping your eyes on the horizon doesn't only help you stay on your surfboard, but it also keeps you safe. If you are looking down, you can't possibly see what is in front of you, meaning you are not only putting yourself in danger, but also the people around you.

Keep your arms steady and your knees bent
Controlling your arms while you are on your surfboard will help you maintain your balance. On the other hand, waving your arms around will have the opposite effect, which will most likely cause you to fall. It's also recommended to not raise your arms above your shoulders. If you do feel like you are loosing balance, fight the urge to frantically flap your arms around, and instead bend your knees. The lower your center of gravity the better.

As with any sport, the more consistent you are, the quicker you'll learn. Obviously, spending time in the water is key to bettering your technique, but you should also practice on dry land. The combination of both will help you build muscle memory and increase your reflexes. Studying surf videos and getting advice from more experienced surfers can also help you master the sport.

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