Thursday, August 17, 2017

Get Some Boardshorts

You looking to pick up some new boardshorts this summer? It is not too late. We have plenty. All colors and types to choose from, contact us to see what you like. 

You ever wonder what makes these shorts so darn comfy? We wondered that too.

Take this one for example: The Hurley Phantom Series. They put a lot of work into this one for us all. This fabric is really soft. These are the kinds of shorts you can wear all day. They have about a 30% stretch to them. That means they will move with you. It doesn't matter if your surfing, washing the car or grilling some veggie burgers these guys got you covered. They dry super fast too, that is a big plus if you have somewhere important to go right after a sweet session.

Ok, moving on to some other shorts that blow us away. Volcom makes a killer boardshort. They have some called Lido that will make you want to own another pair just for when you cut the grass. They make these out of high quality yarns that create a 4-way stretch effect. That means up, down, left and right. That's all directions my friend. 
Not only that, but these shorts are water-repellent. All Volcom boardshorts are.

One more, Billabong Carter. This pair of shorts is made of suede polyester. It's soft to the touch, but tough enough to get the job done. What's cool about them is they look like a chino short, but still work just as hard as any other boardshort in the waves. You could wear them to work, if you want.

These high quality products are built for serious function, yet still provide serious comfort. Shorts with a purpose.      

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