Thursday, July 6, 2017

Surfing 101: The Importance of Proper Surf Etiquette

Learning proper surf etiquette is just as important as mastering basic surfing skills. The rules were created to keep surfers safe and happy. Either neglecting to learn the rules or choosing to ignore them can lead to complete chaos. To help you get a better handle on surf etiquette, we've listed five rules below.

Know Your Skill Level
Don't pick a surfing spot that is way above your skill level. Doing so won't only put you in danger, but it's also hazardous to the surfers around you. At the end of the day, surfing in an area that doesn't match your surf know-how will frustrate other surfers and possibly end with you or someone else getting injured.

Obey Right of Way
Simply put, the surfer who is closest to the peak of the wave has the right of way. As a responsible surfer you must learn wave priority; otherwise you'll end-up annoying the surfers around you or worse causing an accident.

Don't Monopolize the Waves
Nobody likes a wave hog. Even if you have the ability to catch every wave first, that doesn't mean you should. Letting your fellow surfers have a turn is an important part of surf etiquette. Ignoring this rule will quickly anger everybody around you and lead to mayhem in the water.

Watch Out For Snaking
Snaking is the act of paddling around another surfer to gain the right of way. Basically, you are cutting in line. Patients and surfing go hand in hand. If you can't wait your turn, you shouldn't get in the water.

Say You're Sorry
Mistakes happen and sometimes rules are broken on accident. If you unintentionally drop in on someone's wave or cut in front of a fellow surfer, a simple apology goes a long way. However, if you are constantly neglecting surf etiquette, saying sorry is not going to subdue the frustration and anger of the surfers around you.

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