Thursday, June 15, 2017

Surfing Tips: How to Stay Safe in the Ocean

Like any sport, surfing comes with its dangers, especially due to the ocean's ever-changing environment. Learning about the hazards that often accompany surfing is crucial to staying safe. No matter your skill level, researching the risks the ocean carries is a precaution every surfer needs to take.

Watch Out For Hard Objects
The ocean isn't just made up of water. There are several solid objects that you can hit when you fall off your surfboard, such as boulders and jetties. It's always wise to scout out the area before getting in the ocean. Asking local surfers if there are places to watch out for can also safeguard you against smashing into hard surfaces while you're surfing.

Sea Life
Although sharks are the most feared sea creatures, the likelihood of you getting bit by one is not very high. However, there are other critters in the ocean that can cause you some problems. Jelly fish, sea urchins and stingrays are among the most common. In case you get injured by one of these creatures, it's wise to learn the proper first aid steps to take.

Weather is unpredictable. Unfortunately, even when the forecast is clear rough storms can sneak up on you causing choppy waters and large waves. Lightening is especially dangerous. If the weather starts to turn while you're in the water get out immediately and find cover. Although, weather reports aren't always accurate, checking them before you enter the ocean is crucial to your safety.

Fellow Surfers
While not technically a hazard caused by the ocean, the carelessness of your fellow surfers can be the cause of unfortunate injuries. Learning and following proper surf etiquette is essential, especially in crowded surfing spots.
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