Thursday, June 29, 2017

Did You Know Carries Used Surfboards?

Are you in the market for a new surfboard this summer? Do you have something in mind you want but just don't have the cash? Have you ever considered a used surfboard? While carries new surfboards from your favorite brands, we also provide a forum for people to buy and sell used surfboards. We know when you get a new board and are ready to get rid of your old one you want it to end up in the hands of someone who will use it. 

And you could probably use the extra cash too! We also know those who are looking for a deal and are environmentally conscious want a place where they can buy used surfboards they can trust are in good condition.

That's why we created the used surfboard segment of our business. At, you can see under our surfboards tab that under the titles "Longboards", "Shortboards", "Hybrids", "Fish", and "SUPs" there are options to click on "New", "Used", or "Custom". The "Used" option will show you all of the available used boards that are posted by individuals throughout the country. Like buying something used on Craigslist or another similar site, you buy the surfboard directly from the seller, not through us. Our website allows you to email the owner directly and lets you know where they are located so you can see if it would be possible for you to get the board.

Buying a used surfboard is a great way to save money and lessen your environmental impact. For more information on how to buy or sell a used surfboard on contact us today.

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