Thursday, May 18, 2017

Surfing Legend From Jacksonville Beach Passes

When people think about sports that can be enjoyed into your old age, tennis and golf often come to mind. However, for local Jacksonville legend Ed Romer, surfing was the activity he enjoyed into his 70s. 

According to an article from the Florida Times-Union, Romer was known at the Jacksonville Beach as the "Dangerous Dad." He got the name for his love of going out past the crowd of younger surfers, waiting for the perfect wave, and riding it in to shore, sending the other surfers scattering along his path. He had been surfing at Jacksonville Beach for 40 years and was well-known by the locals as someone who could always be trusted to have his surfboard, hitting the waves. In fact, rumors even circulated that he lived under the pier since he was there so much.

Surprisingly, Romer didn't pass from old age but rather an unfortunate accident with a golf cart in the mountains. While his tragic death will leave a hole in the hearts of those at the Jacksonville Beach, Romer is a great example of someone who did what they loved throughout their whole life. In a previous interview with the Times-Union a few years ago, Romer said he had been surfing for 55 years. He retired from the Navy in 1977, settling in at Jacksonville Beach to become the legend that her was. Romer obviously left an impact on his son Joey Romer, who said, 
“I hope to be surfing in my 80s, to follow in his footsteps.”
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