Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dakine Day Bags Keep Your Board Cool and Your Look Hot

Meet Dakine
Most would agree that a surfer would be one of the best candidates for making surfing equipment. And that's exactly what happened at a company you're probably familiar with: Dakine.

Dakine got its start in Hawaii on Maui's North Shore in 1979. There, surfer Rob Kaplan was constantly called out to fix surfing equipment, especially busted surf leashes. Rob eventually endeavored to make a super durable board leash and the rest is history! The company developed, expanded, and now is involved in all the board lifestyles: surf, snow, and asphalt. 

Board Bags
Dakine is a top maker for day use board bags. Whether for surf or stand up paddle boarding, they have what you need to keep your bag free from nicks, scratches, and puddles of melted wax! 

Dakine Daylight Longboard Bag
This sleek white and charcoal colored bag is an ideal choice for keeping your board cool while it goes from your house to the car to the beach. Made from a material called "tarpaulin", the outside is heat-resistant and helps keep your wax intact. With a 1/4" of padding, a padded shoulder strap, and a built-in fin slot, this bag has everything you could need for a day on the waves.

Dakine Daylight Deluxe Thruster Bag
This bag is certainly "deluxe"! With more padding than a regular day bag but less than a bulky travel case, the Deluxe Thruster ensures that your board is protected but not too cumbersome to carry. You'll be fine toting it to the sand with its padded shoulder pad, fin slot, and corrosion proof zipper. Made out of 600D polyester and heat reflective tarpaulin, you won't be cooking your ride in the sun!

The bag comes in a dark charcoal color or a palm tree pattern. If you're unsure of the size of bag, simply use the online sizing chart and measure your board's nose, middle, and tail widths and you'll be good to go!

Dakine SUP Bag
For the stand up paddle boarder, the SUP Bag is a great choice! Like the surfboard bags, it is constructed out of reflective tarpaulin. With 3/8" foam, a corrosion resistant zipper, sidewall cinch straps, a padded carry handle, and removable shoulder straps, this bag is equipped with everything you could need to move your paddle board from home to waves. 

Dakine Racing SUP Sleeve
The SUP Sleeve for the racer is a fine specimen! Sleek is the best way to describe it. Your racing board will fit perfectly with the tapered nose of the bag and you'll have 1/4" of padding to make sure you and your board arrive at the race without any dings. The bag has carry access ports, compression straps on the outside, an entry top zipper, and a fin slot. Also made from reflective tarpaulin, your board will be sure to stay un-melted. 

So there you have it: four great Dakine designs for day bags from a company founded by a surfer. For assistance in finding the right size bag for your board or to check out our equipment and apparel, contact us and we would be more than happy to help you! (We, too, are a company founded by a surfer!)

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