Thursday, March 16, 2017

Futures Fins Use Innovative Science to Give You a Custom Ride

Innovative. Inventive. Engineered. High-tech. All of these could easily describe Futures fins and the products they keep pumping out. These guys look into time to come and wonder what they can create that no one else will. The bonus for you as a surfer: technology that makes your ride just what you need it to be.

The Ride Number
This company is serious about inventing. Their Ride Number tool was designed to help you pick the right fin for the right kind of conditions and ride. This scale from 10 to 1 rates their surfboard fins from very responsive and springy to very solid and predictable. They refer to it as "Speed Generating vs. Speed Control".

Speed Generating Fins
Ride Number fins in the 10-7 range are considered "speed generating". They are perfect for when the surf isn't as powerful as you'd like and you and your board need to develop acceleration. V2 Foil helps water flow productively over the fin's curved surfaces and according to Futures that means, " the result is lift through all stages of the turn and buttery fluid rail-to-rail linkage, setting you up for peak performance even if the conditions are lacking push".
The high-tech engineering doesn't stop there. Poly-fiber strands are visibly woven throughout and give the fin tip a strong composition and in turn grant control. A "secure portion" makes up the leading edge and a "flex portion" makes up the fin. Covered with an epoxy resin and bi-directional 12K carbon panels, this fin is tough while maintaining a lightweight feel. 
Look for fins in this category such as the 8.3 HS2 Generation or the 8.2 Roberts Medium 5-Fin.

Speed Control Fins
This line of fins boasts a solid and engaged feel. You'll find these on the Ride Number scale in the 4-1 range. They are made from a thin but sturdy fiberglass construction that decreases drag while still giving you authority over your board. The tough and long-lasting uni-carbon strips keep this fin resilient. And the best part is, they are indestructible. If you get a scratch or a ding on them, simply sand it out. That's the beauty of fiberglass! 
These fins are engineered for the surfer to face powerful and heavy conditions. Look for fins like the 1.5 F4 Control, the 2.2 EA Control, or the 3.0 Pyzel Control. 

Balanced Fins
If you're looking for something just in the middle of speed generating and speed control, search no further than the Futures Balanced line. These fins provide a great mix of both worlds and are found in the 7-4 Ride Number range. Look for all-around fins like the 4.6 F2 Honeycomb or the 5.1 Jordy Large. 

Futures produces fins like a scientist produces his life's work. And that's what makes them stand out from the crowd. They aren't about flashy advertising; they are about engineering innovative fins that make a difference for the surfer. To check out more Futures fins, contact us and we would be happy to help you find just the right ingenious fin for you and your board!

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