Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Making Surfboards Safer From Sharks

As a surfer, you have a healthy fear and respect of sharks. Although hopefully you never have a run-in with one during your life as a surfer, it can't hurt to be aware of ways to make yourself safer and protect against attacks. This year, surfboard brand Rusty is working with Shark Mitigation Systems to produce a line of surfboards with patterns that deter shark bites.

According to an article by Stuart McKinnon in The West Australian, Rusty and SMS are teaming up to create surfboards and wetsuits with patterns that distract sharks and will hopefully reduce the risk of shark attacks. The line will be sold in Australia and New Zealand, but will hopefully expand to Rusty's international line in the near future. 

SMS has been working with researchers from the University of Western Australia to find patterns that seem unpalatable to sharks, maybe potentially dangerous for them to eat. The article shows a photograph of a surfer with a black and white stripped surfboard and wetsuit. SMS also uses this design on dive tanks, diving fins, kayaks, and other marine equipment to make working and playing in the ocean safer.

They are also bringing a smart buoy to the market that can detect shark-like movement and gives a warning to people using the beach. While shark attacks are devastating, hopefully SMS' continual attention to technology can prevent more of these attacks in the future.

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