Thursday, January 12, 2017

Artist Showcases Surfboards and Photography in New Palm Beach Exhibit

It seems like surfers tend to have an eye and appreciation for beauty. Maybe it comes from their connection with nature that they enjoy in their craft. Regardless, Palm Beach County is experiencing the beauty of amazingly crafted surfboards paired with professional photography in a new exhibit by surfer Tony Arruza. Five years ago, this photographer and surfer set out to put his photography on a variety of surfboards crafted by legendary shapers in the industry.

His exhibit includes 15 boards shaped by some big names like Ron Heavyside, Chris Birch, Juan Rodriguez, and Ricky Carrol, amongst others. Arruza told reporters in a recent article
"The project became not only something to showcase my own work, but also to showcase the craftsmanship and the artisanship of these master-craftsmen. And they are, many people don't know what goes into making a surfboard."
Each board is as functional as it is beautiful and Arruza wanted them to fit as naturally in the waves as in an art gallery. The photographs are of nature and surfing and were taken all over the world. Arruza says each surfboard tells a different story. If you are in the Palm Beach County area, you can see the exhibit yourself. The exhibit is free and open to the public until January 21st at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. For more information and to see images of the stunning surfboards, check out Arruza's website

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