Thursday, December 29, 2016

Surf Hurley

Hurley is a cutting-edge brand that is highly engaged in the design, marketing, and promotion of surf apparel and accessories. Hurley partnered with Nike in 2002 but has been a major player in surfing and beach lifestyle products since 1999.

With a complete line of super dope hats, boardshorts, hoodies, t-shirts, sandals, wetsuits, and other high quality surf accessories, Hurley is a brand that surfers and other active lifestyle enthusiasts have supported for years.

According to SurfCityUsa, its founder Bob Hurley has been long active in the surf community and started his career as an accomplished surfboard shaper. His first venture into retail was with Hurley Surboards in 1978. Bob was also named by Surfer magazine in 2002 as one of the "25 Most Powerful People in Surfing" and induced to the Surfer's Hall of Fame in 2006. It's good to be created by a pro!

Hurley has a surf club which offers free surf related services like video training and live events with Hurley sponsored athletes to its members. If you're going to be a lifestyle brand, you gotta stay fresh with the community, and Hurley definitely does its part.

Hurley gear can be spotted on the beach, in skateboarding communities, punk rock music scenes, and with other active lifestyle enthusiasts. With a HUGE selection of dope surfwear and accessories for Men, Women, and Children, Hurley is sure to remain a player in the surf community for many years to come.

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