Thursday, December 1, 2016

BASE Jumping With A Surfboard? All in a Day's Work for The Flying Frenchies

For our readers in the surfing community, you don't need us to tell you surfers are a pretty wild group of people. But this group of thrill seekers, The Flying Frenchies, take the craziness to the next level with their recent YouTube video that was featured on the Nerdist. 

In the video, you see a group of young adults in a jungle, preparing for their feat. Then you see a man ride a surfboard on his stomach on a zipline. As he whizzes through the jungle, the jungle gives way to a massive expanse below. White feathers dramatically whirl around him, making it seem like he is a bird taking flight. With nothing to steady him other and another man riding below as counter-balance, the man stands up on the surfboard and surfs in space before BASE jumping off the surfboard into the valley below. After free-falling for a while, he pulls his rip cord and continues to the ground with a parachute.

As if this couldn't get any more crazy, following daredevils do the same feat wearing a duck suit and one person rides the surfboard while doing a headstand. For those with a fear of heights, just watching this video might make you queasy. But these friends seem to be having loads of fun while each stunt gets more and more off the wall. The video ends with three people hanging from the zipline with instruments, including a string bass and a drum set.

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