Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Guide to Buying Your First Surfboard

Your first surfboard will always hold a special place in your heart. It'll be the board that sees you through the ups and downs of learning to surf. That's why choosing a board made to help a beginner succeed is crucial to your development as a surfer. To get you started on this important purchasing process, we've created a list of surfboard buying tips.
  • While it's tempting as a beginner to purchase a brand spanking new surfboard, it's probably best to consider buying a used one. As a novice, you are bound to bang up your board during the learning process. By not breaking the bank, those dings will sting much less.
  • Shortboards are a beginner's nightmare. They are not wide enough or long enough to learn on. Starting off with a shortboard will only delay your progression as a successful surfer, and cause you a great deal of frustration.
  • If you only plan on surfing once a month or maybe even less, purchasing a soft surfboard is the best path to take. As the name implies, a soft board has a soft top, which adds to its buoyancy. That increased buoyancy makes catching waves and staying up much easier. Another benefit of a softer material is safety. As a beginner, you are more likely to lose control of your board, which unfortunately means injuries may occur. Luckily, with a soft surfboard the impact is padded which saves you and the surfers around you from getting seriously hurt.
  • Although a soft surfboard is a great starting board for beginners, a person planning on surfing more than a few times a year will quickly outgrow it. If you're looking for a surfboard that allows you to progress from novice to intermediate without making another purchase, a longboard is the perfect option. The longboard provides extra paddle strength and stability, which will help a beginner master the basics of surfing.
If you're on a mission to buy your first surfboard, please contact us today to view our large assortment of new and used boards.

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  1. Another good point would be that when looking for your first surfboard that you should look for a board with removable fins like fcs or futures and not some proprietary fin that you can't replace. Also good to get removable fins like the ones here that way you can change the fins to suit your weight. It can be frustrating to try and learn how to surf a new board if the fins are too big for your small weight. Just my 2 cents.