Thursday, October 6, 2016

Things to Look for when Buying Used Surfboards

Maybe you’re a beginning surfer who isn’t quite sure which board is best. Perhaps you have a bit more experience, but are operating on a limited equipment budget. Either way, used surfboards are a great option, provided you keep these things in mind.

Giving a Once-Over
Begin your inspection by cleaning any wax from the board. This will allow you to inspect it more thoroughly, ensuring that any problems are fully visible. If the seller will not let you clean the board first, this could indicate there is something to hide and you should begin looking elsewhere.

After cleaning the board, check it over very carefully, looking for discolored foam or signs of water damage. Check for delamination, which occurs when the fiberglass separates from the blank. If delamination occurs over a small area, this is easily reparable; however, larger areas are difficult to fix and increase the odds of a board breaking.

Dings and Dents
Nearly all used surfboards will have some type of ding or dent. Even so, too many defects are problematic, so you should avoid boards that are heavily dented or dinged. Just because an owner has made repairs doesn’t mean the board is good to go, as a poor fix has the potential to trap water. As such, you should carefully inspect repairs to ensure that:
  • They are flush with the board
  • No rough or uneven spots are present
  • There are no cracks
  • The spot is not yellowed, indicating water damage
Pass up any boards with cracks or dings on the rail of the tail. This is a problem known as “tail cancer”, a condition that is nearly impossible to fix permanently because it tends to recur just a short time later.

Check for Buckles
Using the palm of your hand, press on the center of your board to check for bubbles on the stringer. This could indicate that the blank or stringer is cracked, something that requires major repairs.

Inspect the Fins
Inspect the area where the fins are attached to the board very carefully. Pass up any boards with non-removable fins that appear to be cracking.

These things will help you save money and obtain a great deal on a used surfboard. To find out more, please contact us.

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