Thursday, October 20, 2016

5 Signs that it is Time to Replace your Surfboard Leash

At one time, the idea of using a surfboard leashes seemed foolish. That’s no longer the case, as serious surfers everywhere recognize the importance of having one. Even the best surfboard leash will not last forever, which is why you should recognize these signs that indicate it is time to replace yours.

#1. You are changing to a longer or shorter board
The length of your surfboard leash is largely dependent upon the length of your board. As such, if you switch to a longer or shorter board, you’ll also need a different surfboard leash.

#2. Your swivels no longer operate properly
Swivels that operate properly are essential if you are to avoid having your feet get tangled up with your leash. If your swivels are damaged, rusty, or do not move as they are supposed to, replacing your leash is required in order to ensure your safety.

#3. The leash cuff is damaged
Over time, your leash cuff may suffer damage due to pounding waves and excessive salt buildup. This cuff may not stay securely on your ankle if it becomes ripped or frayed, in which case buying a replacement leash becomes necessary.

#4. The rail saver is inadequate
A rail saver provides protection for your board to prevent damage. If this component’s cushioning has worn down, you might notice problems with the rail area of your surfboard’s tail. Thicker rail savers provide better protection, and are therefore recommended for serious surfers.

#5. Your Leash is not the Right Thickness
Thicker leashes provide more drag, yet are recommended for surfing very heavy waves. Thinner ones on the other hand produce less drag, and are better for surfing smaller waves. You may need to replace or change out your leash if its thickness is not compatible with the type of waves you normally surf.

In addition to these factors, you should also replace your leash any time you notice a change in its performance. For help with finding the right surfboard leashes, please contact us.

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