Thursday, September 29, 2016

Does a Fish Belong in Your Quiver?

Fish boards are all the rave, and they should be. Some say these short, fat boards belong in every surfer’s quiver. Others disagree, but only by saying they aren't beginners' boards.

Fish boards are named because, well, they resemble a fish! They are thick, wide and short. They have a rounded nose and a large tail. Technology in the ‘70s allowed designers to go wild and short boards appeared. The first fish was hatched in Steve Lis’ San Diego garage in the middle of that decade.

The twin-keel fish surfboard is sometimes referred to as the Lis Fish. But, again, technology continues to thrive breaking new barriers from his original fish. While not really a beginner’s board, once some of the art of surfing is learned, most everyone has to try one, and it can be a great step on the way to the shortboard.

Moving on From Beginner Status
Experienced surfers will tell you that a fish is a good step up from the longboard. With weight and buoyancy, it is very easy to paddle, offering the ease of paddling similar to a longboard. But, you can also begin to work on your moves more available with the liberty of a shorter board.

Catching the Yucky Waves
One of the most respected benefits of the fish is the ability to perform in some of the worst possible waves, considered all most no waves, or weak waves. Although generally short, a fish is usually as heavy as a longboard – with that combination, you can catch the low waves not possible with other boards. Because of the length, or lack of it, you are also able to maneuver the board in a manner not possible with a longboard. So, you move faster in small waves and are able to perform tricks confined to shortboard riders.

Used fish boards are available for below $500, and that can be a good place to start. Keep in mind that fish boards vary greatly – in length and in design. At, we are always happy to talk boards with you, so give us a call, or drop us a line. We work with many designers, who can customize your board the way you want it.

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