Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Importance of Surfboard Leashes

It has been a long-standing debate...whether surfers need Surfboard Leashes.

Since the 1970s, Surfboard leashes' creation has helped surfers in a multitude of ways. There are a huge amount of injuries avoided daily, due to surfers wearing their leashes. 

There are many excuses from surfing communities not to use surfboard leashes:
"Long-boarders tend to embed the spirit of "rope-less riding" in their DNA."
Here are some common opinions about not using surfboard leashes:
  • "I don't need one, I never lose my board."
  • "It's a personal choice; you don't need one if you can surf."
  • "Long-boarders should never use leashes."
  • "Leg ropes are dumb..."
The problem with the above statements is they don't accurately outline what can happen when you don't have a surfboard leash. Do you want your board distanced miles from you and lose track of it or have another surfer think it is theirs and ride it? Do you want to see your surfboard crash on rocks nearby and break apart?

The main reason it is important to have a surfboard leash is safety, for you and other surfers. If you're surfing solo, it would be good to have a surfboard leash so your board isn't lost, but there isn't the same risk as when surfing on a crowded beach day. Surfing also requires respect for other surfers who also have a love for the sport. Not having your surfboard leash can get confusing, since fellow surfers may mistake your surfboard for theirs, or worse case scenario, your board could pop up after a wave and hit you or another surfer/surfers. Just like you wear a seat-belt when driving, wearing a surfboard leash is important and necessary. Contact us about our surfboard leashes and for more details regarding how they are vital for survival when surfing our Earth's widespread seas. 

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