Thursday, August 4, 2016

Surfing Apparel: What's the Deal with Boardshorts?

Boardshorts are popular with both men and women surfers the world over. They're basically swim trunks or shorts, but with some added benefits when it comes to riding the waves. What kind of benefits? Two words: flexibility and comfort!

A good pair of boardshorts are a blend of cotton, polyester, and/or lycra. This blend is best for surfing because wet material tends to cling to your legs, hampering movement. Cheaper versions will be made of non-flexible materials like cotton. These won't last long if you surf or kick your legs (like when you're paddling out to meet a killer wave), and are more apt to chafe and tear. Chafing is uncomfortable and tearing can be downright embarrassing, especially since you might not notice it right away! 

Board shorts are meant to fit perfectly at the waist with extra room below to allow for maneuvering. They should be tight enough at the waist to avoid slipping, but not so tight that they'll chafe. The perfectly fitting waist part is important because if they don't, the ocean will rip them off you, effectively ending your social life!

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