Thursday, August 11, 2016

Surfboard 101: Protecting Your Eyes With a Stylish Pair of Sunglasses

As surfers, we know the importance of protecting our skin from harsh UV rays, however, protecting our eyes is often overlooked. While lathering our arms, legs, chest and back with sunscreen is second nature, safeguarding our eyes with a pair of protective sunglasses is usually seen as a fashion statement rather than a necessity. We've compiled a list to help all surf enthusiasts better understand the benefits of wearing a pair of quality sunglasses.
  • Did you know your eyes can become sunburned just like your skin. Eye sunburn, also known as Photokeratitis, can develop after spending hours in the sun without protecting your eyes. This painful condition includes redness, irritation, and inflammation. You can avoid Photokeratitis by simply wearing sunglasses with UV protection during your surf outings.
  • Whether surfing is your hobby or your profession, you probably spend hours at the beach each week. Unfortunately, continued exposure to harsh UV rays without any sort of protection can lead to cataracts, which is a serious eye condition that can ultimately cause blindness. Like your surfboard and sunscreen, your sunglasses should be a permanent part of your surf gear.
  • Pterygium, which is also known as surfer's eye is another common condition that is caused by overexposure to dangerous UV rays. Individuals with this ailment have a growth of pink tissue on the whites of their eyes. The lesion may eventually grow over the pupil, which can lead to issues with a person's vision. Once again, simply wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses when you're out of the water can save your eyes from damage.
Sunglasses offer you not only a way to accessorize, but they also provide serious health benefits. Whether you're looking for a great pair of sunglasses or you're looking for a new surfboard, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you find what you need.

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