Thursday, August 18, 2016

Getting a Surfboard Out Of a Vending Machine

If you want a surfboard, you can usually stop by your friendly local surf shop, shop online, or even find listings for used surfboards on and offline. But what if you were given the option to buy your surfboard from a vending machine?

Recently, you were able to see a surfboard come out of a giant vending machine on Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco, along with a bunch of big-ticket activity items like bicycles and inflatable kayaks. As part of a strategy to promote adventure travel in British Columbia, the agency Tourism British Columbia presented the residents of San Francisco with the large, 14-foot tall vending machine. In addition to the large sports equipment, the vending machine provided life vests for water sports, and also large postcards featuring ideas for British Columbia activities and travel.

It's a great move for British Columbia, especially since we know how great the waves are in the area. As a great place for year-round surfing, Northern BC around the Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands and off the coasts of Vancouver Island are some of the most renowned non-tropical surfing spots in the world. 

Though the sports equipment vending machine is a great promotional tool for encouraging outdoor activity in British Columbia, there's a lot more to buying a good surfboard that suits your surfing style and abilities. Before you start looking for a surfboard vending machine in your area, contact us--we can help you find new and used surfboards at a price and style that works for you.


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