Friday, July 22, 2016

Surfboard Leashes are an Inexpensive Safety Measure

“Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world,” was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love in 1963.
“Lose your board, not so much,” was written by me, today.
There are a lot of pros for using a board leash, and, well, not too many cons - perhaps that you may not look as cool.
In a 2014 article, Surfer Today lists the following reasons a leash should become mandatory:
  • Surf leashes may save your life.
  • A leg rope will prevent your surfboard from hitting and injuring other surfers.
  • A surf cord will make you surf more.
  • Leg ropes allow you to leave the surfboard for emergency duck dives.
We have a few more:
  • Avoiding long swims after losing your board.
  • Protects your board from hitting the rocks and other dangerous obstacles.
  • Leashes are affordable.
Using a leash does not give you permission to ditch your board just anytime you want, especially when other surfers are close by. This could still be dangerous.

One nice thing about surfboard leashes is that they are not very expensive – you can always shop for more and have one on each of your boards.

Decide whether you want a leash to attach to your ankle or calf. The ankle is a bit more popular as it is less likely to be in the way when paddling. Obviously, you will want it to be comfortable, so check the padding. Consider a swivel or two, this lessens the chance of the leash getting caught up on your feet. Longboarders generally like a calf leash, as it is easier to walk the board with the leash up higher on the leg.

A thicker leash can add drag. You will want a leash that is only maybe a foot longer than you board; any longer and it, too, can add drag, and could get caught on something in the water. With use a leash will stretch. This is compounded by hard surf, so consider a replacement when one has been used a lot and stretches out.

Other than that, it comes down to personnel choice. Maybe you want your leash to match your board, or maybe you want it to contrast, so it's easy to see. At, we carry DaKine, FCS and the BIC coil leash. We have everyday low pricing and guarantee we will beat any price by at least 10%.

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