Thursday, June 2, 2016

Could a Samsung Galaxy Surfboard Be a Real Thing?

Maybe you missed it—but yes— Samsung recently released a commercial featuring famous Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina on a Samsung Galaxy surfboard. Does it sound crazy to you? Us too. But there are actually some practical uses for the smart surfboard that the commercial depicts. 

According to an article by Tom Warren from The Verge, it shows Medina as being lonely out there in the ocean as a professional surfer with the inability to communicate with his coach (who is his father) and his fans. The concept for the surfboard is that it would have a place for the Galaxy phone to slide into the surfboard, and then the top of the board would have a large LED display so the surfer can read messages while out in the water.

The commercial shows him receiving pointers from his coach and encouragement from his fans on this LED screen—which in turn help him to perform better. The smart surfboard would also be able to give him live weather updates, wind direction, and the frequency and height of waves. While this may not be the next big thing in smart phone technology, maybe surfers would find it helpful. Who knows if Samsung will actually develop such a thing, but Warren thinks it is most likely just a marketing gimmick. may not be able to sell you a surfboard that connects to the Internet and receives text messages, but we can hook you up with just about everything else you could want for surfing. For more information, contact us today.

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