Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Place For Used Surfboards

Don't you just wish there was a classy place online where you could find a used surfboard or sell your own used surfboard? Well, there is! is a place for all things surfing, from apparel, to gear, to surfboards themselves. When it comes to our new boards, we carry some in stock and for some brands we send you directly to the seller for a custom board. 

Our used boards are posted on our website directly from the seller. We vet any boards that are posted to our site. But after a surfboard is posted, we have our website set up so you can contact the seller directly. Sellers post length, a brief description, a picture, and anything else the buyer might want to know, like any damage.

Whether you are looking for a longboard, shortboard, hybrid, or stand up paddle board, you can jump on our website and browse through the available used surfboards. For more information on buying or selling a used surfboard, contact us today at

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