Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Place For Used Surfboards

Don't you just wish there was a classy place online where you could find a used surfboard or sell your own used surfboard? Well, there is! is a place for all things surfing, from apparel, to gear, to surfboards themselves. When it comes to our new boards, we carry some in stock and for some brands we send you directly to the seller for a custom board. 

Our used boards are posted on our website directly from the seller. We vet any boards that are posted to our site. But after a surfboard is posted, we have our website set up so you can contact the seller directly. Sellers post length, a brief description, a picture, and anything else the buyer might want to know, like any damage.

Whether you are looking for a longboard, shortboard, hybrid, or stand up paddle board, you can jump on our website and browse through the available used surfboards. For more information on buying or selling a used surfboard, contact us today at

Friday, June 24, 2016

Design Your Own Smart Surfboard with Disrupt

A customized surfboard is not a new feature for many surfers, but a smart surfboard that interacts with your smartphone? That's something quite new coming from the minds of Disrupt designers. 

Based in Australia, Disrupt is releasing the world's first smart surfboard. At first glance, it looks like any Disrupt board that you can custom design using their online program. You can create a completely customized board by choosing the size, shape, tail, fin placement, and even apply your own graphic design.

The board is smart due to the new SmartSurf app that creates a connection between your board and your phone. Using the SmartSurf app, you simply tap your phone to the board, and a profile of you and your board opens up. 

The app displays the history of your board from its inception and provides a 3D rendering of its design. It even allows you to track the board back to you in the event that it goes missing. The customized surfboard is therefore registered to you for life, making it harder for your board to disappear. The SmartSurf app also allows you to check-in at various breaks, so that you can always remember (and show off) where you've surfed with your customized board. 

Having a customized smart surfboard sounds like a dream for some while others might see it as a distraction to the craft. Either way, the concept is appealing to a growing tech-centered culture, and Disrupt is connecting the sport with tech in a fun way. 

For those interested in non-smart surfboards, check out our catalog of new and used surfboards, or contact us for help and advice.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Surfboard Collaboration Between Nic Lamb and Artist Mambo Raises Money for Charity

A big-time surfing pro and a famous French artist aren't the first people to come to mind when you think of likely collaborations. But that is exactly what happened between surfer, Nic Lamb, and artist, Mambo. The two were introduced by a mutual friend in Venice Beach and after some discussion, decided they wanted to work together on a project to raise money for charity.

At the inaugural event, Mambo did a live painting on a window to promote his painting on a surfboard belonging to Nic Lamb. The surfboard sold for $9,000. This surfboard is meant to be the first of many they will auction off for charity. Lamb hasn't picked specific charities yet, but he knows he wants the money to go to ocean conservation.
According to an article on the collaboration by Dashel Pierson, Mambo wants to turn Lamb himself into a work of art. He is creating a wet suit for Lamb to wear and a number of big wave guns for Lamb to ride. Mambo says Lamb will be,
"Art in motion...We want Nic to become an art piece. I’m just waiting for that moment when he’s on that big wave."
Mambo is known for his distinctive style of abstract shapes and bright red color, fusing different eras of art. He inspiration for Lamb's suit and surfboards is Dazzle Camouflage, a disorienting stripe pattern popular in the military after WWI. Surely this collaboration is going to draw some extra attention to Lamb besides his impressive surfing accomplishments and hopefully raise some money for a good cause.

If you are inspired by Nic Lamb and need more of your own surfing gear, contact us at today.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Could a Samsung Galaxy Surfboard Be a Real Thing?

Maybe you missed it—but yes— Samsung recently released a commercial featuring famous Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina on a Samsung Galaxy surfboard. Does it sound crazy to you? Us too. But there are actually some practical uses for the smart surfboard that the commercial depicts. 

According to an article by Tom Warren from The Verge, it shows Medina as being lonely out there in the ocean as a professional surfer with the inability to communicate with his coach (who is his father) and his fans. The concept for the surfboard is that it would have a place for the Galaxy phone to slide into the surfboard, and then the top of the board would have a large LED display so the surfer can read messages while out in the water.

The commercial shows him receiving pointers from his coach and encouragement from his fans on this LED screen—which in turn help him to perform better. The smart surfboard would also be able to give him live weather updates, wind direction, and the frequency and height of waves. While this may not be the next big thing in smart phone technology, maybe surfers would find it helpful. Who knows if Samsung will actually develop such a thing, but Warren thinks it is most likely just a marketing gimmick. may not be able to sell you a surfboard that connects to the Internet and receives text messages, but we can hook you up with just about everything else you could want for surfing. For more information, contact us today.