Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Best Place to Shop for Boardshorts

Where do you go to look for boardshorts? Surf shops will have them but they might be more pricey. Department stores have them, but maybe not in the brands you like. Specialty stores like Zumiez or PacSun will have them, but often the selection is small and the sizes are picked over. That is why you should do your boardshort shopping at

Not only do we offer free shipping on all orders, but we have a low price guarantee. So why bother heading to the store for boardshorts when you can shop for some in the comfort of your home with a few clicks of your mouse. Then you have more time for surfing or swimming anyways! Here are some great boardshorts to check out from the brands you love.

Women's: Whether you are looking for true boardshorts to protect your skin when you are surfing, or you just want the comfort and style of boardshorts for hanging out at the beach, we have them all. carries different lengths—from a 2.5" inseam to an 11" inseam. We have all the brands you love like Roxy, Hurley, Volcom, Under Armour, O'Neill, Dakine, Billabong, and Rip Curl.

Men's: Boardshorts are the most popular swimming suit style for men. So whether you need them for surfing or for swimming, has the boardshorts you need. We have brands like Hurley, DC, Quiksilver, Dakine, Reef, Under Armour, Billabong, and Volcom. If you are looking for boardshorts that are going to turn heads with neon colors or for something a little more subtle we have that too.

So when you think about shopping for a new pair of boardshorts, put down the car keys and pull out your laptop. Contact us at and choose from our great selection for the lowest price.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Accessorize with Hurley

Hopefully your summer is full of plans of surfing and other ways to enjoy the sun. But as you are soaking in the rays and waves, don't forget to accessorize with some great accessories from Hurley. At, we have accessories for men and women— and always at the lowest prices. Here are some items to check out.
  • Hurley Wallets: If you need a new wallet, we have Hurley trifold wallets in orange and black or neon green and camo. These wallets are very affordable and durable so it can endure all your summer adventures.
  • Cinch Sacks: We carry a number of Hurley cinch sacks that are perfect for just throwing in a few items and jumping on your long board. When you don't need a whole backpack but have a few more things than will fit in your pockets, grab your Hurley cinch sack. Check out this blue floral cinch sack.
  • Women's Hats: We have lots of cute and colorful Hurley hats for women. If bright colors aren't your thing, we also carry a number of neutral colored hats if you want one to match every outfit.
  • Men's Footwear: You can never have too many pairs of sandals and we have many great Hurley styles to choose from. Whether you like bright or neutral, supported or flat, we have a sandal you will love.
For more Hurley accessories, contact us at We carry all of the surfing apparel and surfboards you need at the lowest prices— and all with free shipping!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Building Community Through Used Surfboards

There are so many incredible things about the sport of surfing. We love that it combines the beauty of nature with the rush of adrenaline. We love that in order to truly excel as a surfer you have to tap into a powerful force that you can't control. We love that it takes a combination of carefully mastered technique and creative, quick thinking.

However, one thing no one loves about surfing is how expensive it is to get started. Surfing definitely has a high barrier of entry which means that people wanting to learn to surf for the first time may be intimidated by the costs associated with outfitting themselves for a day on the waves, and decide not to give it a try. What if a truly great surfer never learns how to surf because it is too expensive?

We want to do our part to help as many people as possible get started with surfing. That's why we offer used surfboards on our website. You can find used surfboards for as little as $60. You can also find quality, surfboards with a lot of life left in them for a few hundred dollars. We just want to see the community flourish, so our website lets you contact the seller of the used surfboard directly.

When you're ready for some equipment or apparel to go with your used surfboard, we're confident that we have some of the best variety and prices available anywhere online. Please contact us with any questions you have.