Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to Surf Without the Ocean

Surfing more frequently might be one of your goals, but when you're far from the ocean and do not have the time or money to get to it, surfing can cause more frustration than enjoyment. Many people end their surfing dreams because of these limitations. But if you're serious about getting better and practicing with your surfboard, there are many ways to get your fix without the ocean. Here are just a few ways to keep your surfing mind and body active, without needing to travel far.

1. Try river surfing.
Rivers provide a "never-ending wave" in its currents, which gives you a different edge when you're practicing on these waters. For surfers stuck inland, trying out a river can be a great way to pay attention to your technique and give you more comfort with riding a wave, especially if you've been out of practice for a while. In addition, you'll find more time and space for surfing on a river--no worries about running into other surfers too much! 

2. Invest in a stand-up paddle board.
A stand-up paddle board can be a great alternative to surfing, especially if you have access to a lake more than an ocean. A paddle board also provides a full body workout and gives you some of those balance skills you need for surfing. 

3. Practice with a skateboard or balance board. 
Both a skateboard and a balance board will help keep the same motions and muscles active, especially for those who are coming back to surfing from an injury. You'll build strength on either, and both can help you perfect your technique while you're planning your next trip. Longboard skateboards are particularly great for surfers because the shape and length correlate best to your surfboard and the control you'll need. 

Overall, the ocean doesn't have to be a "must-have" for a surfer. You can still become a better surfer when you practice using these methods. For more training advice and helpful tools, contact us.


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