Thursday, April 28, 2016

Summer Quiksilver Clothes and Gear

Quiksilver and Roxy are brands loved by riders—whether those are surfers or snowboarders—for decades. Quiksilver began in 1969 and has been a popular brand for youth and board culture. They had their origins in boardshorts, but as you know, have branched out into other clothing, accessories, and gear over the years.

A great thing about the brand that you might not be aware of is the Quiksilver Foundation. Especially supporting sustainability and corporate social responsibility, the Foundation is the umbrella over all of the charitable giving Quiksilver does. Some examples of projects they support are surf programs for at-risk aboriginal children in Australia and revegetation programs in the UK.

So if their great styles and quality weren't enough, now you have even more reason to love Quiksilver. Here are some of our favorite Quiksilver items for sale at in time for summer.
  • 1969 Special Backpack: To celebrate Quiksilver's founding year, this bright and funky backpack can't be missed. The main compartment has a laptop sleeve and the backpack has a number of exterior pockets.
  • Longboards: If you are a devoted Quiksilver wearer, ride a Quiksilver longboard too. We have a few styles to choose from—just in time for summer.
  • Walk Shorts: We know you love Quiksilver boardshorts, but you can enjoy Quiksilver walk shorts too. They come in a number of grey, black, and khaki variations.
To see more of our Quiksilver apparel and gear, contact us at today. Take advantage of our low price guarantee and our always free shipping. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Surfboards Designed for Children With Disabilities

If you've ever felt the thrill and exhilaration of catching and riding a perfect wave, you know that it is a feeling that nothing else can match. Some people have no interest in learning to surf. Other people may dream of surfing one day, but never take any pro-active steps to learn to surf.

However, there is a group of people who desperately want to surf but have been limited by their physical or mental disabilities. It is pretty heartbreaking to think of anyone feeling like their access to the ocean is limited by their mental or physical capacity.

A charity based in England is working hard to make sure that anyone who wants to try out surfing gets the chance, by creating innovative, adaptive surfboards.

According to the Surfer Today article, "A Tandem Surfboard for Disabled Children," quoting Ross Head the product design manager for Cerebra Innovation Centre, (CIC)
"Many disabled surf charities are in existence around the world, but they are all trying to use regular surfing and other beach access equipment to enable disabled children and adults to surf."
The CIC approach has been different. They want to make surf equipment that specifically helps people with various disabilities. They have created a surfboard with a bucket-style seat, so that a surfer doesn't have to be able to stand in order to surf. They are also working on a surfboard-style vehicle that will work for people with mental deficiencies.

We're thrilled to see organizations expanding access to surfing. If you are fortunate enough to be able to surf without the need for adaptive equipment, we would be happy to help you purchase anything you need for your next surf trip. Please contact us for an incredible selection at competitive prices.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Upgrade Your Surfboard and Make Art Out of Your Old One.

Upgrading your surfboard can be an exciting moment.  It is fun to pick out a new board and imagine all the time you'll spend hitting the waves on the surfboard you're about to buy. Sometimes it can be eye-opening to see all the options available in surfboards, as new innovations hit the market every year. 

However, you may struggle to say goodbye to your old surfboard, especially with all the memories you made surfing on your board. Your first surfboard is always particularly difficult to part with, but you might be able to find a way to keep your surfboard around.

You could take a page from artist Fred Streighter and turn your used surfboard into a work of art. He paints incredible landscapes on the boards, because they are long and narrow which makes them perfect for horizontal paintings. You can view his paintings for inspiration in this video posted by in a news segment that featured the artist.

However, you may not want to take on the project if you don't already have some art experience, because the surfboards can be a challenging surface to work with and take a long time to finish. Streighter says each of the boards he paints take him two weeks to finish, and odds are pretty good he's not taking surf breaks into account. If you're willing to take your time, it might be a fun project to commemorate your favorite surfing memories.

If you're ready to start upgrading your surf equipment and apparel, please contact us. We're proud to offer you the top brands at the best prices.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to Surf Without the Ocean

Surfing more frequently might be one of your goals, but when you're far from the ocean and do not have the time or money to get to it, surfing can cause more frustration than enjoyment. Many people end their surfing dreams because of these limitations. But if you're serious about getting better and practicing with your surfboard, there are many ways to get your fix without the ocean. Here are just a few ways to keep your surfing mind and body active, without needing to travel far.

1. Try river surfing.
Rivers provide a "never-ending wave" in its currents, which gives you a different edge when you're practicing on these waters. For surfers stuck inland, trying out a river can be a great way to pay attention to your technique and give you more comfort with riding a wave, especially if you've been out of practice for a while. In addition, you'll find more time and space for surfing on a river--no worries about running into other surfers too much! 

2. Invest in a stand-up paddle board.
A stand-up paddle board can be a great alternative to surfing, especially if you have access to a lake more than an ocean. A paddle board also provides a full body workout and gives you some of those balance skills you need for surfing. 

3. Practice with a skateboard or balance board. 
Both a skateboard and a balance board will help keep the same motions and muscles active, especially for those who are coming back to surfing from an injury. You'll build strength on either, and both can help you perfect your technique while you're planning your next trip. Longboard skateboards are particularly great for surfers because the shape and length correlate best to your surfboard and the control you'll need. 

Overall, the ocean doesn't have to be a "must-have" for a surfer. You can still become a better surfer when you practice using these methods. For more training advice and helpful tools, contact us.