Friday, March 4, 2016

Ultimate Spring Break Packing List For Surfing

As spring approaches, many of us are looking to hit up our spring break surfing destinations. Whether it's Hawaii or California, Florida or Australia, it pays to be prepared for your trip. Here are some tips for packing your surf gear without going overboard.

Extra boardshorts: You'll want at least 3 pairs of boardshorts to pack as it will be easier to rotate into cleaner ones. This way, you can wear a pair of boardshorts, throw one in the wash, and still have an extra one on hand for a second surf session.

Cold weather gear: You'll want to be prepared, especially when nights chill off or an unexpected cold front comes along. Packing one hoodie and a pair of pants for night activities will help you stay warm, whether you're on the beach on in-town. If it typically rains in your location, it can be helpful to plan ahead and pack a light rain jacket or windbreaker shell, which will help keep you dry. 

Surfboard bag: If you will be getting on a flight for your trip, it's best to invest in a surfboard bag now than later. Not only will it protect your board in-transit, but it can help you carry everything you need as you cruise from one spot to the next.

Warm water wax: You will likely enter warmer waters, so make sure that your board--especially if it's been used during the winter--is prepped with warm water wax. If you're traveling, clear off all the old wax first, then reapply new wax at your destination; it's less messy that way.  

Surf leashes: Having an extra surf leash can come in handy when you hit rough waves and your old leash snaps. Not only will it protect you, but it can help avoid injury to others.
Towel (optional): If you're trying to pack light, you don't really need to bring your own towel. You're likely to have one at your hotel to borrow, or can get one for cheap at your destination. But if you have space in your bag, an extra towel can go a long way.

With your bags all packed with these essential items, you're ready to hit the warmer waves this spring. To get your gear in line, contact us.


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