Thursday, March 17, 2016

Boardshorts We Love for This Summer

Boardshorts are a very common style of swimwear, for both casual use, and for athletic needs, like for surfing. They got their origins from their use in surfing, but have spread to be widely popular for men, women, and children. Unlike other swimwear for men, generally boardshorts do not have an elastic waistband, but instead have a velcro fly and a lace-up tie to make sure they don't fall off when a surfer gets hit by a wave. Another fun fact about boardshorts: they are often called "boardies" in Australia, and "baggies" in South Africa. 

Whether you are looking for boardshorts for surfing, or for casual swimwear, at, we have lots of styles and brands to choose from. One of our favorites for women this summer are our Hurley Supersuede Printed Beachrider Boardshorts. They have an orange palm print and a 2.5" inseam. These are cute for throwing on over swimsuit bottoms to leave the pool, or to wear instead of swimsuit bottoms, although more for casual swimwear, not for surfing.

For men, we love the Dakine O.G. Boardshorts in Rasta print. You are sure to have a different look than your friends and have a bathing suit that stands out with these boardshorts. They have a Hawaiian flag print in Rasta colors, overlaid with palm trees. These boardshorts are perfect for surfing because they have minimal stitching that causes rashes.

Lastly, for children's styles, check out the Billabong Boy's Flux Boardshorts. Eye-catching and stylish, these boardshorts are perfect for a summer of fun at the pool or beach.

To see our full collection of boardshorts, contact us at We have a wide selection of boardshorts for men, women, and children, and we can provide for all of your other surfing needs as well.

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