Thursday, February 11, 2016

3 Surfboard Trends to Look Forward To This Year

The popularity of surfing has not slowed down, and with certain advancements in the last few years, surfers are seeing new techniques, products, and revivals. Here are 3 surfboard trends that are on the rise that expert surfers and surfboard makers are seeing their work and on the waves.

1. The rise of hybrid boards: We've been seeing hybrids grow in popularity, and it's a force that's not stopping. Hybrid boards are great for a surfer, especially one that needs flexibility in one board for tackling various wave sizes. The hybrid boards are friendly for every surfer, and allows for everyday surf without having to switch out boards in the changing waters. Its efficiency is a definite must-have for those days when it gets hard to lug your boards out.

2. Five-fin set up: Surfboard fin systems are always important, and more and more surfers are exploring a five-fin system. A five-fin set up on a board gives a surfer more options when riding, without switching out a board: with the built-in configurations, surfers can easily switch out, remove, or add their fins whenever a change needs to be made. It's also a great way to teach surfers how the fins work, and feel the difference when surfing.

3. New board materials and incorporation of tech to surfing: In addition, you'll see surfboard makers playing with materials, like GSI's Carbon Vector technology for distributing tension while providing memory recall and controlled flex pattern. Other makers are revisiting traditional materials and improving their quality, such as newer resins or eco-friendly materials. Overall, surfers will see great diversity in board options this year, and can find some interesting technology applications along the way. 

With these three trends on the rise, surfing is expanding as a more accessible and complex sport, which are all positives in our book. To learn more about surfing and surfboards, contact us.

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