Thursday, February 25, 2016

Find All The Quiksilver Apparel You Need

Spring and summer are coming soon and it is time to get new Quiksilver clothes from We have a wide variety of Quiksilver clothes for men and boys, for both your active wear needs, and your day-to-day styles. Here is an overview of a few of our favorite Quiksilver styles right now.
  1. Boy's Snapper Trucker Hat: Everyone loves a trucker hat. And from our selection of hats for boys, this one has the most color. The hat is in navy and the Quiksilver symbol is in lime green.
  2. Boy's Rash Guards: You can't hit the surf without a good rash guard. Rash guards protect from harmful UV rays, and obviously rashes from your surfboard. Rash guards are essential for anyone who is going to be surfing on a regular basis, and great for people who are in the water a lot and want to protect their skin. We have a number of boy's rash guards in both short and long sleeve styles.
  3. Men's Button Down Shirts: Even the most serious surfer needs to leave the ocean for a while and go to a nice dinner. Or maybe you need to look a little more professional for work. carries a number of Quiksilver men's button down shirts. Our favorite is the navy and khaki plaid long-sleeve. It looks stylish, professional, and trendy.
  4. Men's Zip Hoody: You can't go wrong with a zip hoody. They are perfect for throwing on over an outfit when the temperature starts dropping. This style is in dark denim but we have a number of other styles as well for your cozy, Quiksilver outer wear.
For more Quiksilver styles and gear, and for all of your other surfing needs, contact us at We have all the surf apparel you need.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tips For Applying Surfboard Traction Pads

Sticking to your board is the ultimate challenge in surfing, especially as you ride bigger and powerful waves. Sometimes, the surfboard wax doesn't provide enough support. That's why surfers turn to surfboard traction pads, which provide comfort and improved grip. As long as you apply it right, your traction pad can become a great asset. Here are some tips for making sure your pad is on correctly.

1. Start with a clean slate. Before you apply a traction pad to your surfboard, make sure that the tail is completely clean. Even if your board is new, it's a good idea to wipe it down with a dry towel to remove any fiberglass dust. On older boards, scraping off all the old wax first, then cleaning it off dry, will make sure that the surface is completely ready for the pad's application.

2. Make sure you know where to place it. Before you place your traction pad permanently, it's important to know how you like to stand on your board. Try to make a mental note of where you naturally stand so you can place the pad in the right area.

3. Trace your pad in the desired place before setting it. Before you peel off the back paper protecting the adhesive, trace the pad's outline onto your board with a pencil. Tracing will make it easier for you to glue the pad.
By following these tips, you can position your new traction pad perfectly. To look at different types of pads and styles, contact us.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

3 Surfboard Trends to Look Forward To This Year

The popularity of surfing has not slowed down, and with certain advancements in the last few years, surfers are seeing new techniques, products, and revivals. Here are 3 surfboard trends that are on the rise that expert surfers and surfboard makers are seeing their work and on the waves.

1. The rise of hybrid boards: We've been seeing hybrids grow in popularity, and it's a force that's not stopping. Hybrid boards are great for a surfer, especially one that needs flexibility in one board for tackling various wave sizes. The hybrid boards are friendly for every surfer, and allows for everyday surf without having to switch out boards in the changing waters. Its efficiency is a definite must-have for those days when it gets hard to lug your boards out.

2. Five-fin set up: Surfboard fin systems are always important, and more and more surfers are exploring a five-fin system. A five-fin set up on a board gives a surfer more options when riding, without switching out a board: with the built-in configurations, surfers can easily switch out, remove, or add their fins whenever a change needs to be made. It's also a great way to teach surfers how the fins work, and feel the difference when surfing.

3. New board materials and incorporation of tech to surfing: In addition, you'll see surfboard makers playing with materials, like GSI's Carbon Vector technology for distributing tension while providing memory recall and controlled flex pattern. Other makers are revisiting traditional materials and improving their quality, such as newer resins or eco-friendly materials. Overall, surfers will see great diversity in board options this year, and can find some interesting technology applications along the way. 

With these three trends on the rise, surfing is expanding as a more accessible and complex sport, which are all positives in our book. To learn more about surfing and surfboards, contact us.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

All the Newest Hurley Styles

If you are gearing up for surfing this year, you need to check out the newest Hurley gear at We carry kid's, men's, and women's clothing for your surfing needs and for every day wear. Here are some of our favorite Hurley picks for 2016.

For Kids:
  • Check out these bright blue boardshorts for boys. Kids will love the funky color and parents will love being able to spot their kids on the beach from far away with this vibrant blue.
  • We love this baseball tee style, long sleeve rash guard. It is rated UPF 40 to keep your kid's skin safe from the rays.
For Men:
  • Keep it stylish and simple with this white men's zipper hoody. It is thicker than usual hoody material so will keep you extra warm on those cooler days.
  • Look your best on the beach with a classic men's tank. This eye-popping blue is sure to catch a few eyes.
For Women:
  • Women's boardshorts can be hard to find. That's why we love these Hurley boardshorts with the bright colors and the 5" inseam. They have a fun pattern, and as an added bonus, are made from 100% recycled material.
  • Nothing is better for day-to-day wear than a soft v-neck tee. Shown in the link in purple, we also carry it in black, white, grey, emerald, plum, and light grey.
The great thing about ordering any of these Hurley styles from is we have a low-price guarantee and shipping is free for all orders. So please, contact us for you new Hurley looks for 2016, whether they are for surfing or daily wear.