Thursday, January 7, 2016

Surfboard Bags Versus Board Socks: Which One Should You Use?

For any surfer having a naked surfboard when traveling to your local spot--or making a national trip--can be dangerous for your surfboard. That's why there's a diversity in Surfboard Bags and board socks out there for your particular board's size and shape. But what's the difference between the two, and which one should you buy? Here's the run-down on which one will suit your surfing needs.

Bag and Sock Defined
You'll easy notice the difference between a surfboard bag and a surfboard sock. The sock is what it sounds like: a snug, knit fit that covers your board, just like a sock to your foot. A bag allows for your board to be carried with thicker padding and protection.

Advantages to Surfboard Socks
A surfboard sock is a great, cheaper alternative to a surfboard bag when you use your board frequently. The sock will protect a board from getting scratches and dings, and a quality surfboard sock will provide UV protection. It's easy to slip on and off as well. If you're constantly using your board and taking it to and from your local spot, it's the most basic protection you can give your board. Though it doesn't provide heavy-duty protection as a bag would do, it's nice to have on-hand if you don't have other options.
Look for socks that are made from tough materials like high-quality acrylic, and provide padded nosing for your board, like this DaKine Knit Bag Thruster. The padded nose can go a long way in protecting your board. 

Advantages to Surfboard Bags
Surfboard bags provide greater protection to your board than a surfboard sock. The bags have thicker layers for protection from big dings and also from temperature changes, so if you plan on traveling for an extended period of time, you'll want a quality surfboard bag that can handle the journey. In addition, unlike socks, bags usually have a strap for carrying your board with more ease, and many include small pockets to carry other pieces of equipment with ease (such as fins, wax, ties and leashes).

There's two categories to surfboard bags: day bags and travel bags (or coffins). The day bags provide greater protection than a sock and are great for frequent use, while a travel bag is made for the ultimate protection of your board, especially if you're flying with it. Coffins are bigger bags that can also hold multiple surfboards at a time, so it's perfect for all types of travel.

Getting a sock should be considered as a basic necessity for protecting your board, while a bag takes it a step further. For more help picking and choosing a sock or bag, contact us. We can help you find the right size and options for your surfing profile.

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