Thursday, January 14, 2016

4 Resolutions to Make With Your Surfboard

With the new year comes a new adventure, especially for you and your surfboard. And with many people making resolutions related to getting fit or improving something they do, why not take it to the next level with your surfing? Here are 4 resolutions we recommend taking that will not only build you as a better surfer, but give you unforgettable experiences.

1.  Try out new spots and times. If one of your goals is to travel more this year, try taking your board with you in a surfboard bag and go out into the world. Getting great surf on different coasts and in different countries will allow you to experience waves you've never seen on your own home turf.  In addition, you can try surfing locally in spots you don't normally visit, or at different times of the day. If you've never been an early riser, getting up and checking the waves at sunrise can be a great way to not only get in more practice, but see the ocean in a different light.

2. Go out with a longboard. If you haven't been surfing with a longboard, this year is a great time to explore. Not only do you get more waves at smaller sizes, but it can help build your balance and skill if you're a new surfer.

3. Take good care of your board and related gear. Some of us aren't as meticulous about our surf gear as others, but it can really allow you look forward more to surfing when your gear is well cared for. When your board is well waxed, your car cleaned up after every trip, and your wetsuit rinsed after every use, you'll find your surfing trips less of a hassle.

4. Stretch and exercise outside surfing. Doing regular stretches, yoga, and other activities will help bring you even more strength and flexibility on your board, in addition to giving you more energy to go out more often.
Overall, we hope that these resolutions allow you get go out surfing more this year. To collect any surf items you need for your resolutions, contact us.

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