Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why Buy a Longboard?

When it comes to looking at various surfboards, some people might glaze over the longboard as too long for doing fun tricks or maneuvering on bigger waves. But there are a few good reasons to keep a long board in your collection. 

1. Great for introducing new surfers. Longboards are a great to have when you want people new to surfing to experience it. Even older people who are worried about agility can grow to become comfortable on a longboard, due to their slower turns. And for younger people who might be afraid taking on bigger waves, longboards allow for them to practice and get used to the feeling on even small 1 foot waves. Overall, they are a great way to teach an old dog new tricks, or get anyone comfortable with riding a board.

2. Surf more conditions: Shorter boards usually require waves at least 3ft high or more to really allow for nice rides. With a longboard however, you can catch even smaller waves, which expands your ability to surf no matter the conditions. For beginners, a longboard is a great way to learn about the different types of waves and sizes, especially since you can catch more waves and get in the experience on any type of day.

3. They're great for injured or recovering surfers: If you've injured your shoulder or back, it's challenging to get back on a short board which can exacerbate your injury. In contrast, a longboard will allow you to enjoy waves, letting you surf without needing too much movement that can make your injury worse. Longboarding therefore can be more relaxing, while allowing you to build your strength even through an injury.

While a longboard might not allow you to do as many tricks, go through barrels, or compete against shortboarders sharing the beach, but longboarding is definitely a way to relax and enjoy the surf with ease. To find your next new or used longboard, contact us.

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