Thursday, December 31, 2015

The New Tech On Surfboard Fins: S-Wings

When it comes to surfboard fins, surfers look for the best layout, size, and shape, to catch the waves at a particular thrust, speed, lift, or drop. Fins are therefore important for surfers if they want to hone their technique and style, and get more drive, pivot, and holding power and control. So what happens when a new company is transforming the look and feel of fins for surfers to help them get even more from their board?

Located in the Southwest of France, the company S-Wings is seeking to answer that question and change the way we look and work with surfboard fins. Inspired by the diversity of fin biology in fish, S-Wings (also known as biomimetic fins) is the product of 18 months of work of design by Xabi Lafitte and Philippe Lopez. These revolutionary fins try to mimic biological looks and traits in order to provide great maneuverability, speed and acceleration, cruising, and control. With different flex ratios and sizes for single, twin, quad and five-fin setups, S-Wings provides an improved range in motion and speed than traditional surfboard fins, giving surfers more control and feel while surfing. 

Widespread distribution of the S-Wings does not start until Spring 2016, but many elite and novice surfers from Australia, California, and Europe have gotten a hold of them to provide trial feedback. Until the spring, you can get a hold of quality surfboard fins by brands like FCS, Futures, Rainbow and Wingnut, and learn about some of the best fins and setups on the market, by contact us.

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