Thursday, December 17, 2015

Help Your Surfboard Last Longer

Surfing is a thrilling pastime and unlike skiing or snowboarding where you pay a premium to access the mountain, you don't have to pay a fee to have access to the ocean. However, even though the ocean is free for all, it doesn't mean surfing is cheap.

Unfortunately, surfboards can be a pretty significant financial investment. Not to mention all the other equipment and accessories you purchase as you move forward with the sport. We do our best to provide surf equipment and apparel at the best prices possible, but we also wanted to share a few great tips we read about in The Inertia article, "3 Tips to Make Your Surfboard Last Longer," by Adam Fischer, who said,
"Fix your dings ASAP. Dings will let in the highly corrosive saltwater and will eventually eat away at the foam inside the board if the are not attended to. EPS/epoxy boards are especially bad, since they suck up water like a sponge."
In addition to Fischer's advice to get your dings repaired right away at the local surf shop, he also stressed the importance of always bagging your board so that it is not damaged when it is out of the water. His final important tip was to be very careful with your surfboard never standing it up anywhere that it could be knocked over.

Of course, sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents still happen. If you have to replace any of your equipment due to normal wear and tear or a heartbreaking accident, please contact us. We'll have you back on the waves in no time!

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