Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Broken Surfboards Find New Life

For a die-hard surfer, there is no sadder sight on earth than a broken surfboard. A surfboard is a significant investment, and while surfboards are designed to be both durable and flexible they certainly are not indestructible. Surfboards break; unfortunately they break more often than we wish they would, and it is heartbreaking to throw a favorite surfboard away when you wish you could have gotten more life out of it.

Most surfers have resigned themselves to the fact that broken surfboards are just part of the experience, but there is a group of surfers who are finding a way to reuse broken surfboards to help take care of the environment and give broken boards a new lease on life. A group of surfers and craftsmen that refer to themselves as Reshape Surf, is challenging people to get creative with their broken surfboards and find a way to reuse them instead of throwing them out.

According to the Surfer Today article, "Surfer Movement Reshapes and Reuses Broken Surfboards, Reshape Surf is happy to share their mission with anyone who will listen.
"Our goal is simple. To keep old, beat up surfboards out of landfills for as long as possible by reviving them into something useful," underlines the movement. You can turn broken boards into modern alaias, hand planes, skimboards, finless guns, asymmetrical sticks, stringerless and even stiff bodyboards in your backyard."
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