Thursday, November 19, 2015

Surf-Selated Gift List For the Season

With Christmas just around the corner, there's certainly a rush to look for the best gifts. When it comes to surfers, a new surfboard might be out of your price range. But there's plenty of other great gifts to give the surfer you love that will be useful, whether they're surfing through the season or waiting for warmer waters. Here's our top 3 gifts to give that's hot this year.

1. Surf Watch: The Casio G-Shock Digital Watch is a great must-have for any surfer who's taking the waves for any period of time. Built to last through all types of wear and tear from rough and tumble waves, the watch is water resistance up to 200m, comes with a LED backlight for easy visibility underwater or low light situations, and is built to resist shocks. Best of all, this line of watches comes in various colors and designs, giving you a full range to pick and choose from.

2. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a must-have for surfers, especially on those sunny days that leave the waves blinding. The Von Zipper Skitch Sunglasses are a great and popular pair of stylish sunglasses for surfing, due to their shatter resistance, 100% UVA and UVB protection from the sun, and distortion-free lenses.  

3. Surfboard sock: This is perfect for the buddy that rides with you regularly to catch some waves, but might not have a sock or day bag for their board. A surfboard sock will give some protection to the board from dings, while keeping the board from getting wax or sand all over the car. The DaKine Knit Bag comes in various colors and sizes for all types of boards, and offers a reinforced nose and high resistance to fin cuts. 

Whatever you get, the surfer in mind will love these accessories to add to their gear. For more surfer gift ideas, contact us.

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