Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Avoid Sharks With New Surfboard Device

Catching waves is a thrilling sport, but like all really exciting extreme sports, it involves a degree of danger.  Most of the danger involved in surfing can be avoided if you are properly trained and don't take unnecessary risks. However, some of the danger inherent in surfing is due to nature itself, which is pretty unpredictable and can not be controlled.

One of the risks surfers take on is the risk of shark attack. In general, the risk of being attacked by a shark is quite low. However, recent news articles have implied that shark attacks may be on the rise, even though you still have a very slim chance of ever encountering a shark while you are surfing.

According to an article in Science Alert magazine, you no longer have to let a fear of sharks keep you off your surfboard. Fiona Mcdonald, writer of the article, "Scientists Have Developed a Shark-Repelling Device For Your Surfboard," says
"Researchers have developed an electronic device that you can attach to your surfboard or wear while swimming to help deter sharks. The aim is to harmlessly mess with the animals' electroreceptive system, and studies so far have shown that they can prevent more than 90 percent of shark encounters." 
Seeing the development of devices that increase safety for surfers is always exciting. If you need to update your surfing equipment, please contact us for the latest in surf apparel, accessories, and equipment. We pride ourselves on our huge variety at really incredible prices.

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