Thursday, October 29, 2015

Surfboard Gear List for Cold Surf

Winter is a great time to take your surfboard out for some amazing cold water surfing, but it does take some preparation. Here's what you should have packed with your gear if you're planning a trip out to cooler waters.

1.  Cold Water Wax: It's important to have on hand some wax that will remain sticky, even if the wax freezes in the cold water. Cold water wax, like the Sticky Fingers Two Cool Wax bars are great to have on hand when you need to re-wax your board for waters under 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Wetsuit: For cold waters, surfing without a wetsuit can leave you too cold to stay in the water, and can also be dangerous. If the waters are chilly than usual, but not freezing, you can most likely get away with something like our Hurley Fusion 101 LS Surf Jacket, which is thicker than a long sleeve rash guard, but lighter than wearing a full-on wetsuit. Also pack with your multiple dry clothing and layers, such as boardshorts and a hoodie.

3. Wet/Dry backpack: A dual wet/dry backpack is especially helpful for cold surfing, because in most locations, you're at a disadvantage for getting wet materials to dry quickly when laid out. A backpack like the DaKine Point Wet/Dry backpack comes with a seam sealed waterproof pocket to place a wetsuit or any wet or dirty gear, without getting the rest of your stuff damp. 

4. Beach towel: Getting some new, warm beach towels that are distinctive in design can help you keep track of your towel while keeping you dry is a must-have. 

Don't be unprepared when it comes to your next winter surfing trip. For more tips and gear advice, contact us.

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