Thursday, October 15, 2015

Surfboard Carver Finds a Place In History

The sport of surfing has an incredible history in and of itself.  This sport traveled around the globe in a way that is fascinating.  However, in addition to the history of the sport of surfing, certain surfers have played a really important role in history. 

If you have seen the classic 1963 film, "The Great Escape" you may know the interesting story of the escape of American soldiers from a German World War II prisoner of war camp.  These prisoners managed to tunnel out of the prison camp, and an integral figure in this harrowing tale is a surfer from Australia.

John Williams was a pilot fighter being held in the POW camp, and before the war he had been a surfboard carver. As most surfers know, surfboard carvers have impressive skills. Williams used his carving skills to help create the tunnel that the prisoners were able to escape through.

According to an article in The Australian by Jennine Khalik, entitled "POW Great Escape Skills Honed on Surfboards,"
"John was one of six Australian air force officers who tunnelled out of the camp. He was the head carpenter, having learned carpentry skills carving wood surfboards back home." 
Unfortunately, after playing an integral role in the escape, John Williams was recaptured by the Nazis and was eventually executed. His story is coming to light know through a book his niece is writing about his life.

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