Friday, September 18, 2015

Is a Lighter, More Flexible Surfboard in Your Future?

Surf culture has been created by surfers who are willing to innovate and try new things. Surfers love to push the boundaries, trying new tricks and breaking records. So it's no wonder that we are constantly hearing about surfers who are hoping to build a better board. 

We've seen surfboards made from recycled materials, and surfboards with built in technology, we've even seen innovations in 3D printing surfboards. All of these experimental surfboard designs have the potential to change the face of the surfing industry. So when some inventor, hobbyist or scientist makes a new kind of surfboard, we're always excited to write about it here on our blog.

However, the standard design for surfboards has not changed much in over 70 years. Sure shapes, traction, and fins may vary a little but surfboards are mostly all still made from fiberglass and polyurethane. However, a pair of surfers, Edison Conner and Parker Borneman, are hoping to change all that. They may have a chance, because one member of the innovating duo, Edison Conner is a rocket scientist who worked for the famous SpaceX project helping them create better materials to work with in their rocket projects.

According to the Wired article, "Rocket Scientist Designs a Stronger, Lighter Surfboard" by Margaret Rhodes, 
"In the lab, Conner developed a foam with a meticulous, web-like structure. It’s a proprietary technique, but he’s essentially made the air bubbles in the foam as small and dense as possible, optimizing it for lightness and strength. Riding a Varial board, Borneman says, makes it easier to turn, and makes the sport faster, letting you ride the wave longer."
We certainly hope that the new designs lead to surfboards that take the sport of surfing to new levels, and when they do we'll be sure to sell them. Please contact us for all your cutting edge surfing needs. We have all the top of the line equipment, accessories and apparel.

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