Friday, September 11, 2015

Don’t Let a Blown Surfboard Bag Zipper Keep You From Hunting Waves

The shaka days of summer are sweet but fleeting. Thankfully there is still time to pack those surfboard bags, head to the water’s edge and get the fins wet. What’s that? Your bag blew a zipper? No worries Brah. We’ve got you and your fins covered. Pick one and we can have your surfboard snugly wrapped in just a few business days.

All of our surfboard bags boast brand names supported by the world’s best surfers. They’re made from durable fabrics and sport heavy padding in all of the critical areas. So your surfboards’ rails, tails and noses won’t end up dinged during the short walks from your ride to the shoreline. Plus, our surfboard bags come in a number of sizes, weights, shapes, designs and colors.

Do you love the Longboard? We’ve got surfboard bags by Sticky Bumps, DaKine, Creatures of Leisure and FCS to consider. All four bags are lightweight, heat-resistant and feature padded handles or straps. So you won’t lose your grip. We’ve got surfboard bags with similar features for surfers who love riding shorts, fish, SUP, customs and hybrids.

All of the bags are brand new but they’ll hold old-school, used surfboards too. Just pay attention to the surfboard bag’s dimensions when contemplating a purchase. Bearing that in mind, reviewing the universal day bags is generally a flawless way to start shopping. They usually boast lengths from 5 feet 8 inches to 7 feet 6 inches and widths that cap out at 22 inches. Also, some of the bags’ sides feature sections of material that have a bit of give to them. So it may be possible to nudge those dimensions up a bit.

To find the perfect bags or surfboard socks for your late season getaway, please contact us at today. We’ll help keep you wave hunting year round.

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