Thursday, September 24, 2015

Do Surfboards and Gymnasts Mix?

If you've followed surfing for any length of time, then there is no question that you have seen some incredible tricks that defy gravity and make you want to spend even more time out on the waves, pushing your own boundaries.
It's hard to predict what the next big movement in surfing will be, because great surfers are always pushing the envelope. However, there's a chance that a new surfing phenomenon that combines gymnastics with surfboards could be the next extreme surfing event to hit competitions near you.

Tandem surfing competitions have allowed the idea of gymnastic stunts to start to invade surfing competitions. At the recent Waikiki tandem surfing competition a pair of surfing gymnasts made a pretty big splash as they balanced in amazing combinations on top of a surfboard. 

According to the Today article, "Two Gymnasts Performed Routine Atop a Surfboard - And There's a Video to Prove it," 
"Lauren Oiye and Chuck Inman showed off their intricate, synchronized gymnastic moves atop a surfboard"
The video featured along with the article shows the pair performing a flawless routine. Chuck lifts Lauren above his head with a single hand while she strikes various poses that would be impressive even on land.
This style of gymnastic surfing is a real crowd pleaser so there is a chance we will see more of it at competitions world-wide.

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