Friday, August 7, 2015

Massive Surfboard Built to Break World Record - Part Two

In Part One of this post, we described the efforts leading up to Huntington Beach's attempt to break two world records in one grand undertaking. The goal was to achieve the world record for the most people riding on a surfboard at once, as well as the world record the largest surfboard.

Months of effort have paid off, and the world records have been secured! On Saturday, June 20th, 66 people rode a massive surfboard together. To break the record the surfers all had to stay standing on the board for at least 10 seconds, and spectators say they actually stood for almost 15 seconds. You can watch the incredible video online for yourself at

The world record for most people was an immediate declaration, but the record for the largest surfboard took a few days as measurements were recorded on the 42 foot long, 11 foot wide surfboard that weighed an unbelievable 1300 pounds.

According to the LA Times article, "66 Surfers Ride 1 Surfboard, Setting World Record in Huntington Beach" by Kristina Pritchett, Huntington Beach beat the previously Australian held world record one other time, but not officially.
"In 2005, 60 surfers rode a 39-foot board that was on display in the city during the U.S. Open of Surfing, beating the record set earlier that year in Australia by 47 surfers on the same board. But Guinness officials were not present for the Huntington effort, so it was never officially recorded."
Residents of Huntington Beach are proud to be the official record holders now, since surf culture is such a huge part of their community. If you want surfing to be a bigger part of your life, please contact us for all your equipment, accessory and apparel needs.

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